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Somato Emotional Release

Emotional healing is often the key to physical healing. Somato Emotional Release is a therapy offered by Karen Brady that embraces this idea and uses it to promote healing. It is a powerful technique for healing both the body and the mind by dealing with the residual effect of post-traumatic stress and other trauma associated with the negative experiences of life. The body often retains some of the physical damage and emotional energy associated with trauma and illness. This is triggered by physiological, psychological, emotional and spiritual trauma. This negative energy is isolated into what practitioners of Somato Emotional Release call an “energy cyst”. At first, our bodies adapt to the presence of this energy cyst but, over time, it is damaging. It will weaken the body and symptoms of pain, dysfunction and emotional stress will be the result.

Through Somato Emotional Release, Karen can take a close look at how trauma is influencing your physical and emotional health. During a session, she creates a comfortable environment where you can embrace a holistic mind-body approach. It is designed to allow for the dissipation of past trauma and negative emotions from the body, mind, and spirit. Somato Emotional Release uses the bodywork found in craniosacral therapy, which is a gentle touch of the head and spine. Karen will ask questions that are geared toward helping you connect with the emotions that hinder your psychic self. This mind-body connection helps you get to the trauma that is weakening your body and mind and dispel it. Somato Emotional Release sessions are a journey that will take you into the heart of healing. The destination of the journey is a healthier mind, body, soul, and spirit, and your most authentic self.

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