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Myofascial Release

We understand that chronic pain is debilitating and causes a dramatic drop in the quality of life.  A myofascial release is a form of chiropractic therapy that can be incredibly helpful for those dealing with chronic pain resulting from a wide variety of medical conditions.  Karen Brady uses this gentle and safe technique that focuses on the myofascial tissues.  While traditional chiropractic techniques can address pain by focusing on the specific areas of the pain, the relief that they offer is beneficial to one’s healing process.

Myofascial release involves the use of gentle and sustained pressure to the myofascial connective tissue restrictions that help to eliminate pain and restore a greater range of motion in affected joints.  As with Somato Emotional Release therapy, which influenced its development, myofascial release therapy incorporates a hands-on approach. This gets to the root source of pain.  Karen addresses each client as an individual with unique issues that are causing pain.

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