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Eating for your Blood Type

Your blood type has a significant effect on your health. Many microorganisms create markers (called antigens) that are similar to one blood type or another. That makes it easier for them to thrive in the bodies of people with that blood type. That can cause problems. Bacteria can also favor consuming the antigens of certain blood types. Microorganisms also use the antigens found in certain blood types found on the mucous lining and cells of the digestive system to attach to cells and tissues. This creates an increased risk of infections. Certain microorganisms also create elevated responses to bacteria, viruses, and yeast in some blood types. That causes excessive inflammation and stress.

When you follow a food group that assimilates with your blood type and one that is tailored for you, you can address issues like those mentioned above. Karen Brady helps clients determine the foods that will best assimilate with their blood type. She can help you make a difference in your weight, energy level, and overall health through what you eat.

We will help you find choices that work with your blood type and choices that will feed your body and please your senses. You can keep yourself feeling full, satisfied and manage your weight with the right foods. Eating healthy doesn’t have to be boring!

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