Wellness Programs

It is difficult to overstate how important proper nutrition is to your health. As we age, it becomes ever more crucial to have proper nutrition to look and feel your best. Nutrition is also the key to weight loss. If your goal is to drop those extra pounds you need to eat the right amount of the right foods. That is where our nutritional counseling and weight loss programs come in.

Karen Brady will address your nutritional needs in terms of overall wellness. In most instances, addressing nutrition leads to weight loss, which in turn can help with other health issues such as high blood pressure, circulation, colon health, and thyroid function. We offer a variety of wellness services to address your specific issues.

Hair Analysis

An informative status report of your body and nutrition path that opens your eyes to what is really going on within your body, including graphs and lists of needed supplements, plus diet and eating suggestions.
An in depth review of your body through the analysis of hair. It tells you of your heavy metals, nutritional lack, health concerns and much more. A valuable library of information…”All about YOU!”…Naturally. Learn more.

Eating for Your Blood Type

Learn about the foods that assimilate with your blood type and begin feeling better today. What goes into your body must come out. It is your choice weather it is healthy or an addiction to sugar, salt, preservatives etc. With our program we show you the difference. Be healthy and enjoy the benefits. It does not need to be boring. Appease the palate in a beneficial way. Learn more.

Rehabilitation & Exercise Programs

Rehabilitation programs designed for your physical injuries due to automobile accidents, sports, personal/work injuries and illness, including exercise programs to fit the needs of the individual. Chiropractic adjustments and different modalities of therapy, ice packs, In addition, we personally fit you for orthotics, back and knee supports, as your physical needs require. We may also use the teeter to give relief to you spine and torso. Learn more.

Natural Supplements and Herbal Homeopathy

Supplementations and herbal suggestions are offered, however they do not replace your Medical doctor’s drugs and instructions. The supplementations and herbal homeopathy products we offer are only sold and available through doctors’ offices. This is another part of the puzzle that brings health to the body. By balancing out your nutritional needs this makes it easier for the body to respond or wake up, to the natural health procedures introduced to it. The body is made of nutrients, metals, vitamins, etc. It requires the right balance to make it work correctly. If you are laden with heavy metals and poison then that deters your system to work in the manner in which it is intended. Learn more.

Nutritional Counseling and Weight Loss

Have you struggled with your weight? Do you beat yourself up for failing to lose the weight? Stop feeling helpless. Many people struggle with their weight because of their thyroid, hormones, endocrine system and genes. What can you do about those issues? You can identify what issues are preventing you from losing weight. Hair analysis is the first step in that process. It will paint a picture of what is happening with your health and pinpoint problems that might be keeping the weight on.

Once we know what obstacles you are facing in your quest for weight loss we can tailor a solid nutritional plan that will help you develop proper eating habits. That will address the problems that have been holding you back. Put our years of experience helping people reach their weight loss goals and keep the weight off to work for you.

We are proud of our supplement program to maintain your health while changing your eating habits. Our program is proven as a natural approach to successfully beat the weight issue, efficiently and effectively, when combined with your personalized nutritional plan.